Magpie Design Unlimited

Artwork & Photography by Mark A. Harrison

Mark A. Harrison is a photographer and digital artist based in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada. His most recent collection of works can be found in Where the World Bleeds Through, a Poetry + Art collaboration with poet & author Tanah Haney.

Abstract & Digital Artwork

All of Mark’s abstract pieces are created using his own original photos, layered over one another and tweaked until the images hiding within them emerges. His latest works can be found inWhere the World Bleeds Through (full colour 13×11 print edition now available), and you can see more of his work on Tanah’s site, The Trouble with Doorways.


Mark has been a shutter-bug since he was old enough to hold a camera, and has been exploring the world through the lens of his Canon Rebel ever since. He specializes in macro photography and unique treatment of everyday objects. See the side menu for more galleries.